Nomcebo Zikode sings Jerusalem without Master KG


Nomcebo Zikode sings Jerusalem without Master KG

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Nomcebo Zikode lands herself in hot water after performing Jerusalem without Master KG. Not too long ago, Nomcebo Zikode blasted Master KG on Twitter for performing this song alone as if she didn’t contribute anything to it. People on Twitter have noticed that Nomcebo has been performing this song all alone now, yet she was complaining about Master KG performing it alone.

“Nomcebo is currently performing Master KG’s song without Master KG. She gonna get paid for it. Master KG is not gonna get a cent, but when Master KG was touring Europe with the song

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making rounds alone, he was a bad person. Nina anikho right/ this is not ok” Wrote a Twitter user.

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Twitter users were feeling sorry for Master KG because Nomcelo played the victim and now she is the one who is victimizing Master KG. “Nomcebo is the one who started complaining here on Twitter but now she’s busy performing someone’s song,” Wrote a Twitter user. “Men are living hard” added another Twitter user.

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