Nomcebo Zikode completes her career with a new album

Nomcebo Zikode completes her career with a new album


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Nomcebo Zikode

Nomcebo Zikode’s music career is soaring. The singer who has become one among the country’s most sought-after vocalist, has managed to stay fans across the planet hooked in to her electrifying voice.

Nomcebo whose career as a backing vocalist spanned for 15 years, has grown in leaps and bounds as a musician as she will now handle the fickleness within the show business and work on her own projects.

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Nomcebo recently dropped her first album titled Xola Moya Wam and it’s been keeping many on their feet as groove spots are open.
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The album was inspired by her emotions on the Covid-19 lockdown period. Nomcebo says she wanted to ask God to settle down if we we are being punished for our sins.

Xola Moya Wam single recently went gold, proving that she may be a force to be reckoned with.

“I did the song because as we are on lockdown, i used to be scared that perhaps all that’s happening due to our sins, so i used to be telling God that my soul wants to try to to better, but the world’s problems are overwhelming and life is difficult, which once I sin it’s not because I’m disrespecting him, but it’s because we sleep in the planet and that i make mistakes too,”

Nomcebo says performing on the song was smooth sailing and she or he finished it quickly than she had imagined “It was very quick and flowing, maybe it’s because I wrote the song reception and that i visited Master KG then we recorded the song,” she adds.

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The album features the likes of DJ Tira and Makhadzi, and she or he says collaborating with them was amazing. The singer says she is happy about her success because she has been praying for it.

“I’m so happy because this is often something I even have been praying for and today it’s coming to light. i used to be praying after numerous years of being a backing singer, asking God to offer me an opportunity , because at some point if I leave on earth what is going to I say i did to him on earth because i do know nothing but music. I see others he gave them professions they’re lawyers and nurses, and therefore the only thing I wanted was music that I came out holding in my mom’s womb.”

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Nomceba is that the girl she thinks she is and Media personality Bonang Matheba and songstress Lady Zamar recently gushed over her music. The singer says she is grateful to ascertain Queens supporting her.

The musician says she has never thought she was getting to be this famous, and she or he says only people tell her that she is big.

“I don’t see that, even today it’s people that tell me that i’m big. I’m still an equivalent Nomcebo i used to be ,”

Nomcebo says there was a time when even she considered of pursuing a career in teaching but she didn’t , and she or he says her secret to success was working hard.

“It’s pushing very hard albeit it’s extremely hard there have been times i assumed maybe this thing isn’t happening and that i should leave and that i carried on quite anything it’s being patient and dealing hard because you would like to wish and exerting .”

Nomcebo believes that God has his own timing, hence you ought to not rush things sometimes.

“People around you’ll never understand they’re going to say you’ve got been working and still you do not have a car and that they don’t understand that music may be a calling and a calling you do not just leave it.”

Nomcebo who is featured on Master KG’s global hit song Jerusalema which continues to require the planet by storm, says she was scared about writing the song.

“At first i used to be scared that I won’t be ready to write it and once I need to the studio because there was no writer. I asked Master KG to offer me the beat in order that I can write the song reception . Master KG was like no, are you not the one who writes your song? and that i said it’s me and he said why are you scared now?”

She says he asked the producer to go away the song playing and she or he started writing it.

“I honestly didn’t know that the song would be big but I went home around 1 am because we were performing at night, and once I woke reception within the morning. I visited the gym while driving I played the song and that i had goosebumps. I had a sense that i could not explain and even the car wound swerve and that i remember crying and saying this is often getting to be an honest song and it had been not even complete and that i said God you only visited me and you want to also visit Master KG,”

The singer says although she isn’t someone who goes to church every Sunday and she or he makes mistakes, she believes in God “I wont to hear people saying God visited them and that i used top be like ahh you’re starting, but it happened and that i heard God saying this may be an enormous song and a miracle happened.”

She says by then the song wasn’t complete and she or he went back to the studio to finish it . She says after that they had completed it Master KG asked her if the song would be his next hit because he dropped Skeleton Moves and he wanted another big single and she or he gave it a stamp of approval.

Jerusalema recently surpassed 100 million views on YouTube and it had been announced because the most Shazamed song within the world.

“I’m so happy, you recognize I search to up the the sky and say many thanks , you’ve got answered my prayers. I didn’t knew that you simply would answer my prayers without having to travel to any pastor and pray on behalf of me . I receive interviews everyday from local and international platforms like BBC News and it’s something I never thought it might happen.”

“People judge you due to the family you come from now i’m an envoy to the planet with my English which isn’t ok .”

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Nomcebo says she is grateful to DJ Ganyani who gave him an opportunity to get on his song which was her big break within the industry.

“I was just a backing singer and nobody really noticed me except for DJ Ganyani to offer me a chance it had been big to get on his album its something big not everyone can get and that i am grateful.”

The singer says working with Master KG has catapulted her career to even greater heights.

“He is a tremendous beat maker he understands me and his beats touches your heart that’s why I enjoy working with him.”

Asked about how the lockdown period has affected her she says:

“It affected me tons and once I wrote Xola Moya Wam i used to be like God you’ll give me an enormous song like Jerusalema then you shutdown the planet because i want money. once I wrote Xola Moya Wam, I just cried and and that i sang the song and that i told him that he must settle down because I see that he’s angry.”

She says the lockdown has affected her because she can’t tour, but she is grateful that she was ready to write her own album rather than always being featured.

“God said relax i would like you to figure on your album during the lockdown in order that you’ll console people during this point .” She says as their music is being streamed tons it means there are more chances of them to secure the bag.

“My focus is to push my album more this year. i would not say l want it to be like Jerusalema, but i would like to push it because Jerusalema on it’s own was a blessing from God and he blesses us in several ways.”

She says she has been receiving international bookings from other countries but thanks to restrictions on internationals she is unable to travel.

Nomcebo who was appointed by the honourable Minister of Arts and Culture Nathi Mthethwa because the Ambassador To the planet under the DSAC Cultural Diplomacy Programme, says the love she has been receiving from the remainder of the continent and Africa has been overwhelming.

“I see messages from across the planet people slamming me for speaking in Isizulu once I do interviews saying they need to listen to what I’m saying. The love has been amazing,”

Nomcebo says she is someone who prefers to stay her private life. She says she has never hidden the very fact that she is off the market.

“I’m not an individual who likes to debate problems with people and when someone has fought together with his husband they write on that I even have never hidden that I even have a husband and a couple of kids, and that i just want people to understand about my music than my private life.”

Weighing in on the talk of #VulaPresident she says the president must do something for entertainers “Some folks stays in flats and a few do not have husbands who are working, so I wish the govt could do something.”

The singer says she is going to release Xola Moya Wam music video soon and therefore the single recently reached gold status.

All the simplest Nomcebo!