This is what Nondumiso Jozana is getting paid in Durban Gen

This is what Nondumiso Jozana is getting paid in Durban Gen

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Nondumiso Jozana was well-known for her performance in Isibaya before joining the cast of Durban Gen as Nurse Shweni. Due to her role in the medical drama show, the actress has become a household name. Many people can identify with her situation, as it affects the majority of women nowadays. The actress is a self-made millionaire who lives a lavish lifestyle. The showrunners pay her a salary sufficient to support her lifestyle.

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In Durban Gen, Nurse Shweni’s honest and gold-seeking attitude exploded onto our screens. The nurse is the most fashionable of the group, and numerous guys desired her. This became Nurse Sne’s greatest opponent in the hospital, as Sne desired to woo a physician. At one time, the two slept with Dr. Zulu and vied for his affection. Shweni, however, only desired the gifts and money, with no commitment.

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It was then rumored that Shweni was responsible for a significant instance of a sexually transmitted infection at the hospital. The nurse was unashamed of having transmitted a sexually transmitted disease. Currently, she engages in gossip and works her shift at the hospital; she is not the focus of any storyline.

How much is Nondumiso Jozana’s salary on Durban Gen?

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Nondumiso Jozana, who portrays Shweni, has a lavish lifestyle while she is not on-screen. According to her Instagram, she resides in a home with a garage full of luxury automobiles. Her husband is one of Durban’s wealthiest businesspeople. Joana desires to make her own income, but her spouse smothers her. Nondumiso is paid an estimated R40,000 per month for her involvement in Stained Glass. This amount is contingent on the number of scenes she appears in each month.

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Prior to joining the cast of Durban Gen, Nondumiso enjoyed working for Ferguson Films. The actress had minor roles in the films Unmarried and The River. As she grew up admiring Connie Ferguson, Jozana cherished every opportunity to collaborate with those showrunners. She then joined the cast of Isibaya, which was her major part prior to her present position in the medical drama series.

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