Nonhle Thema Life without her father has not been as easy as she had expected

Nonhle Thema Life without her father has not been as easy as she had expected

It was not that long ago when media personality Nonhle Thema took to her social media to announce the passing of her father, renowned author, and journalist Derrick Thema. The news was of course received with much sadness from her friends, fans and industry mates as well.

It has now been a week since this loss and we can already imagine how tough a time it has been for the family. Taking to her Instagram, Nonhle has been posting photos of her and her late father and there is no denying that she misses him terribly.

In a recent post, she posted saying, “Dad I’m here if you looking for me 🙏🏽🙏🏽👨🏽‍🎓 I Love ❤️ You . I’m watching over you in heaven I can’t sleep I got you 🕊🌻I will make sure you Rest in Peace 🙏🏽 your Spirit is with me 🌻”

Taking to her comment section, fans continue to pay their respects and send her and her family love and strength during this trying time.

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Her Instagram is lined with photos of her father with heartfelt tributes that just goes to show how hard it must be for her to move on from this loss. She has also gone ahead to thank everyone who has stayed supporting her family and we love to see that Mzansi is rallying behind her.

That aside, however, Nonhle remains to be one of Mzansi’s most celebrated media personalities. Thema has been hailed as South Africa’s most valuable export to the rest of the globe. Things, however, did not go as planned, and she fell from grace. Her ambition of becoming a global sensation has come to an end, she admitted. She is now pleased and determined to live her best life.

“My focus when I was young was to be a TV star and I ended up being a global star. I’m content now cos all my dreams happened in my 20s. I sometimes feel I have no dreams cos I smashed them all in my 20s. I’m now just living. I have different dreams now as I head to 40. I did it all in my 20sm nothing new to me now” She posted.

We can only hope that in due time she will find healing from the loss of her dad and get back to living her life to the fullest. Keep resting in peace Derrick Thema.

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