Nonku Williams warns against fake Instagram accounts using her name

Nonku Williams warns against fake Instagram accounts using her name

In as much as social media has made it easy to keep in touch with your favourite stars, it has also provided an opportunity for scammers.

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Nonku warns her followers about a FAKE Tik Tok account in her name.

“Ladies and Gents. This is NOT MY TIK TOK ACCOUNT! Let it be known to you that I DO NOT OWN ANY TIKTOK OR FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS. These are CULPRITS stealing my identity and conning people to invest in some BS which I know nothing about! This is making me beyond angry. Please delete, unfollow and report such.”

She slammed social media scammers who trick innocent people into giving them their hard earned cash.

“People need to learn that money doesn’t grow on trees and need to learn to make an honest living. Period.”

With the new drama-filled season of The Real Housewives of Durban, Nonku’s authenticity has come into scrutiny.

Slee has confronted Nonku about what her real intentions are. Given Nonku’s defensive and outspoken nature, she wasn’t prepared to admit her flaws and as a result, Slee ended their friendship.

On a lighter note, Nonku has found love in the hands of a mysterious man whom some of her followers find to be shady. The guy also gifted Nonku a new Merc within a few weeks of dating.

Months prior Williams was linked to legendary sports broadcaster Robert Marawa.


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The dating rumours were sparked after the two shared images where they were seen having a fun time out over wine.

As the rumours started growing legs, Nonku took to social media to set the record straight.

She revealed that she was introduced to Robert by her PR lady who saw it necessary that they meet.

Robert’s fascination for red wine made sense for them to meet seeing how Nonku owns a wine company, A2B Wine.

“I was introduced to Mr. Robert Marawa at the Easter Polo by my PR lady who has recently acquired my portfolio. She felt it was good for both parties to know each. But mostly because she knew Robert has an appreciation of red wine and that I own a wine brand (A2B wine).”

Robert Marawa had nothing but positive things to say about Nonku’s wine range.

“[This] Past Saturday I was invited to the Standard Bank Polo in Joburg. I had promised to give Robert my red wine collection. Clearly, the wine was superb and Robert appreciated it and gifted me with his MSW (Marawa Sports Worldwide) memorabilia…other than the work, there’s nothing to say. We are colleagues supporting each other’s businesses…”

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