Norma Mngoma: The obstacles are what take you forward.

Norma Mngoma: The obstacles are what take you forward.

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Norma Mngoma took to her social media to send an encouraging message to her fellow women.

The star has skilled tons this year.

Norma’s husband, Minister Malusi Gigaba got her arrested on charges of assault and malicious damage to property.

The mother of two was released from holding cells at Brooklyn police headquarters in Pretoria after paying R5,000 bail.

Recently, Norma dropped her husband’s surname announcing on her social media page that she goes back to her surname.

Norma Mngoma

However, she isn’t abandoning though she remains to hold her head high and is encouraging other women to try to an equivalent.

“I want to remind you that it’s normal to feel emotional or weak when things don’t close and once you know you’re stretching yourself to form them work.”

She adds. “I have learned that the foremost resilient people aren’t only strong people but people that are capable of seeing everything as motivation.

“Always remind yourself that you simply are making an attempt towards becoming that person you would like to be. once you desire everyone around you is winning and you’re not, never lose hope, some time is coming. Stay motivated, focus, and re-strategize.”

She said: “Don’t allow obstacles to weigh you down, use them as stepping stones to climb higher.”

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source: fakzanews