Norma tells all: I’m goes back to old maiden name

Norma tells all I’m goes back to old maiden name

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Norma Mngoma has been through tons together with her |along with her”> together with her much-publicized issues and separation with her ex-hubby Malusi Gigaba and this is often probably the rationale why she sounded aggressive and feisty during her interview with “My Own quite Beautiful”, a TV program on Gau TV and Centtwins YouTube channel founded by twin sisters Innocent Sadiki, aka Mam-Letsoalo on Skeem Sam and television presenter Millicent Mashile.

Norma (NM) sat down with Millicent (MM) and below are highlights of the interview:

MM ~What’s your combat women employing a double-barrel or keeping maiden names after getting married?
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NM ~ it’s a private choice. i do not regret changing my surname once I got married but i’m excited to possess my surname back. Surname change doesn’t change or mean anything, what makes the wedding is how you treat one another , the values and standards. I are often Norma Gigaba on the other hand is my heart still there, am I happy? As young women, we get so excited after getting married especially the first time and that we take the partner’s surname because we feel we now belong to their families and also as an expression of affection but it isn’t like that. Surname is simply a part of the method . In my next one, i will be able to do a double barrel or maybe keep my surname. I changed my surname back to Mngoma even before the divorce might be finalized because i’m not IN denial of reality. I didn’t want to carry on to things and provides false hope to the community and say i’m Mrs so then . That purpose I gave it fully and served it with all my heart, I fought, I stayed but it’s ended. I even have no regrets with the journey and that i haven’t any bad feelings with the surname. i’m still Gigaba reception Affairs but in my heart, my businesses and everything i’m doing, i’m Mngoma. i’m walking into a replacement chapter.

MM~ As a mom to boys, why is it important to let your sons see you reclaim your power?

NM ~ i would like them to be best fathers at some point and to understand the way to treat a lady and to not let another woman undergo what I went through. they need to learn from me. i’m on the brink of my boys and that i teach them to wish , forgive and that i always give them money to shop for me flowers. i’m grooming them so as for them to be the simplest partners that society expects men to be. Norma Mngoma Foundation grooms young boys.

MM ~ Are women more judgemental to you as a public figure?

NM ~ Yes, a lot, but i do not take anything personal. If you do not bring anything to my table and pay my bills, i do not take you seriously, especially if you’re not someone I can ask advice from. I react to society the way i prefer . I do things in my very own way as I see fit regardless of who says what.

MM ~ you’ve got 1 million followers on Instagram which is large and that i am sure it comes with people always checking your life, your next moves, what you wear and other things?
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NM ~ 50% of my followers love my dress sense and in fact , I put efforts in what I wear. Dressing up is my life and that i love doing it. Other followers are those that are after my scandals especially now with the court case but i’m one one that doesn’t entertain what happens around me albeit i’m within the front page on media. i’m not my problems, they’re just a part of my life. i do not nurse pain and that i don’t allow problems to swallow me. Sometimes people inquire from me to require an opportunity from Instagram except for WHO?