Nosipho from Uzalo a sister to the Qwabe Twins?


Nosipho from Uzalo a sister to the Qwabe Twins?

They have fast become one of Mzansi’s finest. No doubt, since their thrust into stardom, they are not holding back. We can all agree that the Qwabe Twins unmatched talent is just out of this world.

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However, despite their controversial exit from Idols SA, the talented Qwabe twins managed to rekindle their glory after being booted out of the singing contest. Blessed are those who see beautiful things in humble places where are others see nothing.

Despite making all sorts of headlines on Idols SA, their thrust into the limelight came after they managed to secure a contract with celebrated South African DJ Tira. No doubt, since then, they have fast become one of Mzansi’s favorite duos.


The two have been trending of late, from dating rumours to age. However, who are these twins? Let’s dive into the Qwabe Twins life? Born Virginia and Viggy are fast-rising South African musicians based in Durban.

We can all agree they have enjoyed their fair share of fame of late due to their masterclass performance. However, like those before them, their thrust craze for signing was noticed whilst they were still young.

They made a name for themselves when they started leading their church choir. On the other hand, their father is the founder of Pure Freedom Christ. However, of late, they have been rumoured to be sisters to Uzalo’s actress Nosipho, played by Nompilo Maphumulo. Nompilo Maphumulo is a South African actress famous for her role on Uzalo as Nosipho.

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Is Nosipho from Uzalo related to Qwabe Twins?

A few years into her career and she is already turning heads in the industry. She has never attended any drama school, but her acting skills are on point. Watch the space because she is here to change the game. The seasoned actress is best known for her roles on Sugar Daddies and The Weeping Candle.

However, despite the twins having striking similarities, are they related or not? Well, their surnames automatically run down the rumours.Another interesting fact is that the 39-year-old actress was born on May 3, 1982, in KwaMashu, South Africa.

On the other hand, despite being based in Durban, the Qwabe twins are not initially from Durban as per multiple sources. After all, one can conclude that their case is just similar to that of Jerah from Generations and Madongwe from Uzalo who have been rumoured to be related just because of their striking similarities.


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