Not only is Mpura forever embedded in his heart, he is also inked on his arm


Not only is Mpura forever embedded in his heart, but he is also inked on his arm

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Mr. JazziQ has been remembering his friends Mpura and Killer Kau a lot these past few weeks and his latest stunt does not catch us by surprise. The Amapiano pioneer, inked his late friend Mpura on his arm, and sent the timline on a meltdown.
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Death is never an occurrence people get over easily, as their loved ones are forever embedded in people’s hearts. For JazziQ, he wants his friend Mpura’s face tatted on his arm till the days of his life. That’s how much love he has for him.

JazziQ’s IG story

Mpura and Killer Kau passed away as a result of a car accident, along with 4 other people. Their car collided with another on the N4 on their way to a gig in Rustenburg. The firefighter who was in the other car, also lost his life.

Also getting a tattoo in their memory was Lady Du who had the peace sign and two doves, as well as two hearts representing Mpura and Killer Kau.

Over the past few weeks, JazziQ has been sharing his emotions and feelings with his fans, and reminisced of the good ole’ times he had with the boys.

He would often narrate how funny Mpura was whenever they had company over, to his spirit and all the times he was good to him.

He first took to Instagram and explained how their deaths caused a huge hole in his heart, “These past few years I’ve lost so many people close to me and it’s left a very deep place in my heart. I still say it’s not a loss but still one of a few memories,” he said.

In his message to Killer Kau, JazziQ described him as a free spirited soul “I could possibly write a book about you, as a free spirited soul. Your warm heart and coal burnt voice. The experience I’ve had with you will forever be cherished. I love you ntwana yam.”

He then spoke about Mpura and how close they were, to the point where they became brothers, “With you I didn’t lose a friend or an acquaintance but someone who became a brother. I’m still saying it hurts. I miss you.”

And indeed they became brothers, and will continue being brothers because of this kind gesture he did.

A few days ago, he recounted a conversation he had with Mpura this one morning after spending the night with girls, “Every night I go to sleeping thinking. I’ll hear you waking me up saying “Dlonti labo cherry ba funa eKFC and se sele nge R20 (my brother these women want KFC and I only have R20 in my pockets. ” I can’t get used to it and I’m still waiting for you mfwethu,” he said.

As heartbroken as he is, JazziQ got hit by serious and defamatory allegations that he had a and in their deaths. This allegation was made by podcaster Rea who said he did it to further elevate his own career.

The serious allegation not only caused emotional harm to JazziQ but also caused people to look at him differently. Of course he rubbished these claims and asked Rea to withdraw but he said he will not do that because JazziQ is an a**hole.

In his lawyer letters sent to Rea, JazziQ said, “While we do not know where the heinous allegations levelled against Mr. Manyoni emanate from, we do know the following: The allegations are void of any truth and are harmful, the facts around Mr. Manyoni’s conduct and whereabouts, as explained by Reatlegile Gopane are worrisomely inaccurate, and, the allegations have had a severe impact on Mr. Manyoni both emotionally and psychologically.”

They demanded that the team “publicly withdraw(s) their comments and apologise, as well as remove the video from it’s entirety from the channel. That includes on ALL social media platforms. The matter will not be pursued civilly and criminally.”

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