Not Oskido using pots and pans to teach his daughter how to DJ


Not Oskido using pots and pans to teach his daughter how to DJ

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DJ Oskido is one SA celebrity who is such good vibes, and you cannot deny it. He recently shared a Tik Tok video of himself with his daughter, and if this doesn’t warm your heart, we don’t know what will.

The DJ recently shared a video on Instagram where he was “teaching his daughter how to spin the decks”. In the video, he wore a pot on his head, and had one more in his hand, which he was drumming on with a cooking stick.

His daughter had the pot covers on the kitchen counter, and she kept spinning them around slowly as one would do as a DJ. He named the video “Giving my girl Djing lessons” and it was seriously adorable.

Oskido clearly believes in the value of family. He has a beautiful relationship with his children and often shares videos of him having fun with them, or just generally goofing off. It is also obvious that his children love him deeply and genuinely enjoy his company, which is more than we can say for many parents.

It’s not just his immediate blood family, though, that Oskido is this heavily invested in. We know that he was DJ Zinhle’s mentor when she was new to the DJ scene in South Africa, and he held her hand until she was ready to fly on her own wings.

But they have maintained a close and beautiful relationship with each other since. Dj Zinhle has been known to give ode to Oskido every so often, talking about what a great influence he has been in her life, and how grateful she is for everything he has been and done for her.

He seems to also be quite close to her family, as he was the first person to expose her new baby, Asante’s face. He had gone over to meet her and spend some time with the family, and as they were bonding, he might have accidentally posted a video that showed her face.

But DJ Zinhle was gracious about it, even though she and Murdah Bongz were yet to show their baby’s face to the public themselves. That just lets you know that they both consider Oskido a father figure, and give him the reverence and respect that comes with that.

It is such a beautiful thing to witness so much love between Oskido and his family, blood and otherwise. We could stand to learn a few parenting lessons from Oskido, especially on how to let go and have some fun with our kids.

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