Nota Baloyi outing rapper Reason for owing him money

Nota Baloyi outing rapper Reason for owing him money

The controversial Nota Baloyi has taken to Twitter to name and shame rapper Reason for owing him money at some point. Baloyi relays how he made an example out of Reason but would not elaborate on the measure he put in place.

Twitter is once again up in arms as Nota Baloyi goes on another Twitter rant to call out a couple of celebrities that he had dealt with in the past. Baloyi, who is notoriously famous for his ‘reckless’ tweets is once again causing a stir while naming and shaming some of his industry friends.

Taking to Twitter, Baloyi has mentioned how he had to put rapper Reason in his place when he owed him money. He also mentions about the time he pulled up on rapper Stogie to get his respect. Although, Baloyi did not disclose how he dealt with these personalities as he put it. However, he has tweeps feeling beside themselves for putting on blast such ‘unproblematic’ people.

“When Reason owed me money I had an example out of him that got more engagement than his Warner Africa album launch. I don’t play about my money. I pulled up on Stogie T to get my respect. I paid Slikour to shut up about me. I shut Sol Phenduka up for good. I’ll make or break you!” wrote Nota Baloyi

Baloyi also inserts how he had to shut radio personality and Podcast and Chill’s Sol Phenduka up. Recently, Baloyi also had an altercation with Sol Phenduka which almost ended up getting physical. The pair were captured on a video going at each other, screaming at one another and the altercation went for almost 2 minutes.

“Bumped into Sol Phenduka at Starbucks today, I told him to keep my wife’s name out his f*cking mouth & he called security… Not only is he a sell-out, he’s pusillanimous too!” wrote Nota Baloyi

When it comes to Nota Baloyi and his Twitter rants, tweeps are never surprised at this point. Instead, tweeps have been continuously warning him to slow down on the disrespect he shows for his fellow industry counterparts.

“Kumnandi ukuba uwe. …but I wouldn’t forgive myself if I don’t warn you about the dangers of publicly disrespecting other people You are not the first one to do it. Many did it before you and most of them have relocated to the cemetery. Please tone it down” wrote No Name Brand

Evidently, Baloyi takes to no one for any advice, irrespective of how many times he has been told to lay off Twitter ranting.

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