Nota Baloyi: Stop Pimping Uncle Waffles You Perverts.


Nota Baloyi: Stop Pimping Uncle Waffles You Perverts.

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South African rapper and music mogul Nota Baloyi, has reacted to the news that Uncle Waffles was apparently offered R500K in exchange for sex.

This was revealed in the recent episode of Podcast and Chill with Mac-G. According to Ghost Lady who is part of the podcast, the DJ turned down a whopping R500k after being offered to sleep with a Nigerian man.

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Twitter users hailed her for declining the offer. Now, in a tweet Nota Baloyi sent a strong message to those who want Uncle Waffles to sell her body.

In another tweet he tweeted “This thing of selling Uncle Waffles as a sex object is something I take great exception to. I’m even more disappointed at the women in the industry who are watching & waiting for it to end in tears. Shame on them!

Nota is not the only person who was left in awe of Uncle Waffle’s decision to respect her body and not lose her morals. Tweeps reacted to the reports and congratulated her for declining the offer.

@TheKid05X1 “If this is true then that’s good, she did the right thing they tryna steal your shine, soul, blessings and dignity baby girl. Some people will say she’s crazy for turning down 500k. People think sex is just pha pha we done all is good. It’s deeper than that.”

@BafanaSurprise tweeted” Credit to Uncle Waffles for declining this offer. Unfortunately not every lady in the entertainment industry can say no. There is few who agreed to these offers, they started to splash money left right and center. They were even offered vacation treats.

“@BlackJugde “The guy was going to perform some ritual on her, to take her luck and everything. Very soon she was going to be nobody. Allegedly these rich men go for young ladies to take their luck away from them.

Uncle Waffles has been making great strides in her career lately. She is set to take over the UK this coming March. She recently landed the Ministry of Sound gig and we cannot to see her bless them with a taste of our own music.

According to her loyal fans, Uncle Waffles owes her success to her hard work and nothing else. I mean, landing a Ministry Of Sound gig is not something that every other deejay can land and that itself is proof that she will soon become a household name like the likes of DJ Black Coffee.

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