Nota Baloyi surprises Mzansi: AKA And Nadia are dating

Nota Baloyi surprises Mzansi: AKA And Nadia are dating

Are AKA And Nadia dating

Nota Baloyi has raised people’s suspicions when he asked if rapper AKA and Nadia Nakai are dating. Nota is known for making some pretty wild accusations about the industry and its people. In the latest episode of his Everybody Hates Nota podcast, The Authority, as he calls himself, speculated that Nadia and AKA might be a couple.

Who could have imagined that AKA and Nadia Nakai could be an item? Nota Baloyi seems to think so as he reckons the two have been spending some quality time together. Together with his co-host, they discussed the possibility of the two rappers being a couple. “What’s happening with AKA and Nadia?” asked Nota.

He did not stretch on this topic though as he continued to speak about other burning topics.
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Nadia once revealed that she would never work with AKA because people would not receive well to it. Especially because AKA and Cassper are sworn enemies and that Nadia was still signed to Cassper’s record label. “Honestly, I am a fan of AKA. Every time I’ve met him he has never disrespected me or been weird with me or anything. But I think the only reason that I wouldn’t is because I don’t think it would get positive attention, I don’t think it would be something that would be celebrated,” she told his friend Da L.E.S.

Nadia did however appear as one of his guests on The Braai Show with AKA and they spoke about the same thing. AKA asked Nadia if she was ever allowed to work with him or not. “Of course what do you mean,” said Nadia.

Apparently, Nota has been sued by Shimza. He did not speak much about that though and why he got sued, judging from his past beef with other industry people, it is not a hard guess why Shimza would sue him.

Are AKA And Nadia dating

Another person her targeted was Drip Footwear founder Lekau, who is in partnership with Cassper Nyovest. He alleged that the company is embroiled in some illegal activities.

Nota and Stogie T exchanged fists a few days ago at a Hip Hop event. Stogie released a song Mama Say and he said he almost put dental plates on “freckle face.”

Hitting back at his track, Nota told people to stream the song so he can collect royalties which would be enough to move out of his mother house. “Please stream @TumiMolekane’s latest single and help him get the measly 15-25% royalties her earns from Def Jam Africa so that he can move out of mama’s house. He’s 40-years old, it’s NOT A good look!”

In his statement, Stogie accused Nota of making a name for himself by tarnishing other brands and also accused him of being a woman beater. “Nota Baloyi has made a name for himself by slandering various creatives in the arts and culture space, with the particular vitriol reserved for me.

“He has lied about encounters, charged me with destroying culture, one time suggesting my mother was a corrupt public servant who cheated the state to prop up my European tours with Tumi and The Volume, and most recently, suggesting I am a woman beater.”