Nota Baloyi was seen sleeping in a nightclub

Nota Baloyi was seen sleeping in a nightclub


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Nota Baloyi, who has been making controversial comments on social media and on the podcasts he has been listening to, It seems like there is no podcast he has ever been to in South Africa, and it starts after he was on Podcast and Chill with MacG, where he had two episodes. As for the first day of December, he is on the receiving end of criticism.

Not backing down from the threat, Black Coffee responded to Nota’s video with an image of his son. He wrote: “My son? You now threatening my family? He’s in Miami right now, he should be back in a few days.”

He was taken a picture where he was sleeping in a club, and many people on social media have been into it after the pictures of him were shared on social media. It will not be his time, and when people on social media are dragging someone, they will not let it go very soon. He had also made a thread for DJ Blackcoffee and his son, but at the moment nothing is reported as bad.

Black Coffee; “In back and forth exchanges, Nota responded: He is closer to my age than you are. Nota Baloyi; I will make his life a living hell, you can’t and won’t stop me. It will all be legal, I don’t need to break the law to make you pay for what you had done to my father’s son. I have put you on notice, this year won’t end without me ending you first!”

Everyone is having his or her day on the station, especially when you are someone like Chris Excel or Nota. You can’t be the person who wins all the time. From all that he has been saying about other people and what they are doing, it would be a great moment for them.
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He has been quiet about the breakup he had with his former wife, Berita. It has been very quiet, and it may prove that he has finally accepted. It was not good, and Berita has not said anything that she may want from her previous marriage. If she made contact about it, Nota is not someone who was going to keep quiet about it.