Nota says Cassper Nyovest is full of himself

Nota says Cassper Nyovest is full of himself

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It’s no secret that in Hip Hop one can never be everybody’s favorite and Nota Baloyi isn’t scared of calling out all the rappers he dislikes. The “game” as some may call it, has been surprised by the new school kids, forcing the older rappers to stay up. Cassper Nyovest took stray shots from Nota Baloyi when he tried to form now , and he threw insults directed at Cassper and Nasty C.

Nota Baloyi is understood for speaking his mind and vocalizing his opinions when it involves South African music. However, he does encounter as condescending as he seeks to overpower people that don’t share an equivalent views as his. If you watched the MTV Base Hottest MC’s of 2020, you’ll definitely attest thereto .

His latest social media rant saw him taking major shots at Cassper Nyovest saying Focalistic has stolen his shine. His lengthy Instagram post was a response to a tweet from a rapper by the name of Lucas Raps, who wishes the industry could find footing and make the sport better again.

Nota then took aim at Cassper saying they as supporters helped him get to where he ‘was’ when he reached major milestones of filling up the Dome to then filling up major stadiums like FNB. He then said Cassper has gotten too big for his boots that he doesn’t recognise the support people gave him which his ego had gotten the higher of him.

“We “the SA Hip-hop” community came together to urge Capper from the Dome to FNB (stadium) and rather than him seeing how far we could get together, he instead wanted to act as if he got us there on his own, as if he didn’t need the Hip-hop community to progress in his career anymore. He thought he could roll in the hay without us,” he wrote.

The insults then came in when Nota said Cassper is jealous of Focalistic and therefore the new rappers due to all the praises they’re receiving.

“He was wrong and now he’s watching the Hip-hop community drag Focalistic and therefore the remainder of the new school, which makes him jealous because he can’t stand not being the middle of attention. His fragile ego are some things he must affect . You can’t help him. Don’t even try. you’ll always trust him to always want to form himself the pathetic victim like he’s doing again now. Don’t fall for it. Don’t let him confuse you.”

He then took aim at Durban rappers, and our wild guess is that he’s shading Nasty C. Nasty C is at a world level now and has definitely put his city (Durban) on the map – but Nota doesn’t agree, “Put your city on the map. The last time a rapper put Durban on the map was Ludacris – Pimpin everywhere The World!”


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