SkeemSaam: Nothile reveals something new to Lehasa that will change everything

SkeemSaam: Nothile reveals something new to Lehasa that will change everything

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Nothile reveals something to Lehasa that flips his entire world upside down. It looks like Lehasa is chasing a dog which he will never catch. Lehasa have denied Pretty’s child saying she’s trying to trap him with the child. Lehada had always wanted a child buy we were surprised to his denying Pretty’s pregnancy.

Not long ago it was Lelo who tried to trap him with pregnancy because she knew that he always wanted a child. At first mzansi blamed Pretty for aborting the child knowing very well that Lehasa always wanted a child. We end up understanding that it will be unfair of her to bring a child to the world just like her mother.

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Nothile and Lehasa are both entrepreneur and have the same visions as they both young. Lehada want kids and Nothile doesn’t like kids and she now made it clear that she does not want kids in her life. I wouldn’t be surprised she were to tell him because her family has a tag of qualifications.

Atleast Pretty set the record straight by telling her not call her ever again. Nothile Mavimbela and Lehasa can make a perfect couple because they are both arrogant and thinks the world revolves around them. Instead of Lehasa to start preparing for his child he is busy trying to fix what can’t be fixed.

By the time Nothile and Lehasa think throughly about their future together it will be too late. I see Lehasa regretting telling Pretty thay baby isn’t his when he realise that Nothile is not into having kids. It wil be too late for him since Pretty did the abortion. She doesn’t want children this one now Pretty did abortion. Phomolo wishes he could have handle the pregnancy issue in the correct manner but Lehasa is not having it. It sad thatbhe has lost a baby which he truly need.