Now Sol is catching strays for MacG’s actions


Now Sol is catching strays for MacG’s actions

MacG has been under fire multiple times because of his celebrity interviews and controversial opinions on Podcast and Chill. But the biggest recent saga was after his interview with American musician Ari Lennox, which now seems to have landed the whole podcast team in trouble with other local celebrities.

His co-host on the podcast, Sol Phenduka, recently woke up to find that he had been blocked on Twitter by actress and TV personality Bonnie Mbuli. It came as a shocker for him, seeing as he had not mentioned her at all recently, and he did not understand where it was coming from.

That came after Bonnie had commented on MacG’s interview with Ari, which resulted in the American musician swearing never to do interviews again. She also said she would never visit South Africa after that, which left a bitter taste in many social media users’ mouths.

According to Bonnie what MacG did was embarrassing, But it shouldn’t have resulted in all of Mzansi feeling embarrassed about it. It was an individual decision by the podcaster, And she hopes that the rest of the country would be spared from the embarrassment of his degradation of women.

Now as tweeps analyse the curious case of Bonnie blocking Sol Completely unprovoked, they think it may be because she is blocking everyone associated with Podcast and Chill. Naturally, this has incurred the wrath of loyal Chillers, who do not understand the move. It has attracted their hate, and they have been slamming her, both for her statements against MacG and for blocking Sol.

But the biggest plot twist is that she has been called a hypocrite and the biggest enemy of other SA women. Well, it is true that the internet never forgets. In usual social media fashion, they have brought out receipts from past times when she has spoken ill of female celebrities like Pearl Thusi and Sho Madjozi. They think that she is a selective activist and constantly switches sides from being a bully to now pretending to defend the bullied.

But Sol has also been advised to look deeply into his association with MacG. He has been warned that MacG is rash and does a lot without thinking it through, and that one day the whole team may do something they cannot take back, thus fumbling the bag for good.

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