The similarity between Ntando Duma and her twin sister is shocking

The similarity between Ntando Duma and her twin sister is shocking

Ntando Duma and her sister Lady Amar.

When it comes to twins it usually hard to tell which is who. It confuses many people. Ntando Duma and her sister if you did not know you’ll think that they are twin while they are not. Their identity had confused many people as we tend to see Ntando’s sister Popular known as Lady Amar.

We have seen other twin sister who are both celebrities like the SkeemSaam actress Innocent popular know by her stage name Sthoko and her twin sister known as Millicent. The two twin sister are are 100% look alike. We usually get confused in social media more special when wear the same clothes. Same apply with former The Queen actress Ntando Duma and her sister Lady Amar.

Ntando Duma and her sister Lady Amar.

Ntando Duma is a young South African actress and television personality born in 1995. Ntando has grown into famous at a very young age. Those who might still recall a was best described and known as a presenter on’s youth programming block Craz-e, where she was featured on Craz-e World live. Her face has appeared in many shows afterwards which include portraying the role of Zinzi Dandala on e. tv’s soap opera Rhythm City. Ntando Duma’s career keeps on frowning until she enter a role in The Queen where she took the character of Mpho.

The person that we think is Ntando’s twin, is not her twin but her sister. Well to set a record straight Ntando don’t have a twin sister. I know we has been talking about look alike twin and the two sisters look fresh and stuff, but she’s not her twin sister.

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Thando Duma has rose into her own fame just like her younger sister Ntando Duma. Thando has been in the showbizz for quite a well , she is a DJ and vocalist. Perhaps you might recognize Thando as DJ Lady Amar in her social media pages like Instagram and Twitter.


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It’s not a secret that the entertainment industry has become crowded by siblings that are all doing well. There are many celebrities guys who are sisters or siblings and both successful in the industry. It’s clear that some siblings are bringing each other entries into entertainment gigs. They say God help those who help themselves.

The siblings are both building their own empire. Ntando Duma already been blessed with a baby girl and has lucky to build her own own mother brand new house. Ntando Duma may be the one that we’re more familiar with than her older sister Thando. At first glance, you may think the sisters are twins and to be honest, we all thought they were for the longest time but it just turns out they’re one of those siblings that are hard to tell apart.