Ntando Duma, has been consistently praised for her daughter Sbahle.


Ntando Duma has been consistently praised for her daughter Sbahle.

Ntando Duma, has been consistently praised for her daughter Sbahle.
South African media personality, Ntando Duma, has been consistently praised for the way she has raised her three-year-old daughter, Sbahle.

Aside from the toddler being well-spoken, she has also shown knowledge far beyond her years and is even capable of speaking five languages. during a Tweet, Ntando shared that her daughter was learning her sixth language- Portuguese.
Ntando Duma, has been consistently praised for her daughter Sbahle.
Ntando Duma

She stated, “Sbahle started learning Portuguese and sifile u “Obrigado Mae” after every compliment.” Whilst there have been many tweets complimenting her parenting skills, one troll especially mentioned that although she is capable of speaking in various languages, he has never heard her speaking in her maternal language . He stated, “She’s da black beautiful smart ship.

Ntando Duma and Sbahle

Mara why haven’t I heard Sba talking her maternal language dou Triangular flag on post.”, Ntando didn’t have time for his nonsense and clapped back with, “Awudingi but ke FYI she speaks five different SA languages and began learning Portuguese from her nanny… does that cause you to happy Mr?”.

Ntando Duma

Sifting through her responses, Ntando was made conscious of a gorgeous compliment sent by Nozi Qamngana-Mayaba which stated, “You have probably heard this 1,000,000 times. But let me say it again. I’m so inspired by how you’re raising your daughter. So so inspired and proud. that tiny one may be a genius and therefore the support you still show her is incredible. you’re doing so well man Mami.”

Taken aback by the type words, Ntando responded with, “Sis Nozi. many thanks such a lot . I never ever get use to those incredibly overwhelming compliments I’m receiving on a daily cause I never expect them, as what I’m doing is MY responsibility as a mother but to understand that somebody else is positively impacted. It makes me so happy.”

Ntando recently showcased the genius that’s her daughter in an Instagram post this past weekend. the 2 are now the ambassadors for the “Grow Great Campaign.” Ntando explained the aim of the initiative by writing that:

“People often compliment Sbahle how smart she is, and ask how I did it. i used to be lucky that I started reading to Sbahle since i used to be pregnant. Babies who were read to as new-borns have a bigger vocabulary, also as more advanced mathematical skills, than other kids their age. it’s never too early to start out reading for your baby. Start today.”

And the video than provides receipts for the why it’s important to try to to so. Sbahle didn’t only recognize the numbers, but could also name the objects she saw within the book. The video continues the conversation and marvel on how smart the small toddler is. One person who marvelled not only on the smarts of the small but the mothering skills by Ntando was Bridgette Masinga