Ntando Duma mocks Connie Ferguson in a way that makes fans laugh


Ntando Duma mocks Connie Ferguson in a way that makes fans laugh

Ntando Duma makes Fun of Connie Ferguson
One celeb that’s been working hard trying to perfect their Zulu is Botswana born SA actress Connie Ferguson.

The media mogul has been trying to be multilingual so as to accommodate everyone, despite becoming a laughing stock on the web together with her accent, Connie simply doesn’t give up!

Ntando Duma
It is no secret that there’s nothing more heart-warming than seeing out celebs trying to talk different languages to find out and showcase their diversity.

As we recently celebrated Heritage Day, Connie proved that she may be a proud Motswana girl, and she or he doesn’t discriminate other languages. during a cute video she shared on instagram, she will bee seen dancing to her fondest traditional dance and captioned it,

Connie Ferguson

“My fondest memories of my childhood involve one or other cultural activity! I loooved traditional dance.” She wrote, sharing a video of herself doing a standard dance. “And today i assumed I’d pay homage to the great old days with a tease! NB; I don’t take myself seriously! At all! Struu!”

On the newest episode of The Queen Mzansi, Connie left many rolling on the ground with laughs together with her Zulu line.

Connie Ferguson
Connie who plays Harriett on the show was chatting with Brutus and when the 2 share a scene together one is typically certain an excellent laughter.

The TV star’s cute Zulu accent left Ntando Duma in awe. The actress shared a video of the scene on Instagram and saying Connie cracks her whenever she tried to talk IsiZulu. The actress might be heard laughing within the background. Connie replied and said she tries.