Ntando Duma takes for her good relationship with her daughter

Ntando Duma takes for her good relationship with her daughter

Actress Ntando Duma’s old random act of kindness from an acquaintance UN agency thinks she’s an excellent parent.

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Taking to Twitter, the star explained that it all went down at Moja restaurant in the city once an intruder came up to her with R1,000 as a token of appreciation for her killer parenting skills.

She aforementioned the interaction extremely tugged at her love.

“A guy gave Maine 1K at Moja restaurant these days as a token of appreciation for being a good mother to my girl, she said. The aforementioned observation of Maine effortlessly doing it helped him a great deal with raising his own youngsters. The aforementioned a great deal and my heart are, therefore, so warm,” Ntando tweeted.

The Queen star additional that the instant left her emotional and impressed by the fan’s support of her parenting skills.

“If you see this tweet simply understand that you’ve given Maine even a lot of courageousness and strength to continue doing this ngokuy’khandla mango Thando. I even have no words Kodwa izandla zidlula khanda Ngiyabonga,” she wrote.

Many of Ntando’s stans praised her for “effortless” parenting. Here area unit a number of the reactions from Twitter:

Ntando may be a proud mother bear UN agency usually takes to the metal with Sbahle’s most endearing moments. However, this hasn’t stopped the trolls from criticizing the star’s skills as a momma.

In 2019 once the star shared AN lovable mother-daughter image, users crammed up her comment section slamming Ntando for not swing Sbahle in an exceeding seat. However, she wasn’t having it and hit back at people who were pedagogy her on a way to be a parent.

“1, The automobile was stationary. 2, She’s got automobile seats and is often thereon, once necessary. 3, I’m not AN feckless mother. you ought to understand this by currently. 4, currently let’s all drink water. 5, thanks for your concern,” she wrote.