Ntando Duma want to feast on Natasha Thahane in A Boxing Fight

Ntando Duma want to feast on Natasha Thahane in A Boxing Fight


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Social media has been buzzing after the well-known influencer Duma Ntando publicly asked for a boxing match with Natasha Thahane. Ntando Duma is a popular South African actress who got famous after her role of Zinzi on Rhythm City. She has also featured on another cast including the Queen where she used to portray the character of Mpho acting alongside the veteran actor Rapulana Seiphemo. She is one of the young vibrant and courageous celebrities in Mzansi who are making it successfully in the entertainment industry. Besides being an actress she is also a social media influencer.
People were shocked today after she publicly asked for a boxing match against the well-known South African actress Natasha Thahane. She went popular after her role of Enhle on Skeem Saam acting alongside Cornet Mamabolo. South Africa knows that the two celebrities used to be friends but there came a time where their friendship suddenly ended. They used to be very close and would celebrate milestones together but it ended in tears as both decided to go their separate way.

.Ntando Duma has surprised her fans with a decision she made on her Facebook account earlier today.

Ntando Duma is a South African actress and model who has been in a number of soap operas and drama series. Ntando Duma gained prominence with her first appearance on Rhythm City, in which she portrayed a pampered girl from a privileged household.
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She has participated in a number of telenovelas, including The Queen, in which she played Mpho, colonel Hector Sebata’s last-born daughter, however, she has recently left the show due to viewer complaints about her acting inadequacies.

Ntando Duma and Natasha Thahane were great friends and were extremely close. What we don’t know is what happened to their relationship, because they are now as wild as cats and dogs.
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Ntando was once questioned by Lasizwe Dambuza about the reasons for their split, but she pretended she didn’t know her or that the name Natasha didn’t ring any bells for her.

Many people were interested in the fight between Casper Nyovest and Slick Talk, a YouTuber. Even celebrities couldn’t remain quiet about their conflict. If there’s a beef between two guys, it’s pretty uncommon for them to call each other in a boxing ring, but it’s startling that now even women are joining in.

In a statement released earlier today, Ntando Duma made it obvious to her supporters that she is now prepared to fight Natasha Thahane in a ring just to feast on her. Despite the fact that the motivation for their fight is unknown, we are aware that the two have become enemies and that they can’t stand each other. Now that Ntando has issued a challenge to Natasha Thahane in a boxing ring, we’re eager to hear Natasha’s response.