Ntando Duma wins an important award because it’s a Mercedes

Ntando Duma wins an important award because it’s a Mercedes

Ntando Duma celebrated her new car yesterday. Ntando just bought a Mercedes AMG. She celebrated her big purchase yester with a caption: “City mom with AMG.”
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Her fans congratulated her on her purchase. This follows the tweet she posted on February 14, captioned ” Vuiot my mama a house, still under construction. Some tweeps were against what she posted and some congratulated her. Either way, it’s winning for her.

I’ve been struggling to put together the right words to express how I feel. What I know is that my heart is filled with so much gratitude, joy, and pride. I am so grateful for the Love and miraculous Grace of God plus the fruits of my hard work which has made it all worth it. I’m in awe of what God has done for me and is yet to do in my life 🙏🏽

I’m so proud of myself and the woman I’ve become with the spirit of working hard and utmost independence that I have instilled in myself. I ran with it and the sacrifices I have made to be who and where I am today have all been worth it. As hard as it is but the results are incredible!
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Thank you to everyone for the lovely and heartwarming messages. I’m motivated to work ten times harder from now and shine even brighter. Ngiyabonga, uNkulunkulu anandisile nani.

A special THANK YOU TO @mpumsltd for such a phenomenal service. You’re a natural and your energy is out of this world! Ngiyabonga 🤞🏾♥️

Of cause without even having to ask, my best friend @simplymahadi and sister @lady_amar1 came with me to collect the big machine and celebrate this milestone with me, Ngiyabonga!!!

After Rhythm City we have only seen a few of her on the TV but more on the net. She has a child with Junior De Rocka and they are set to be Co-parenting as their relationship took a knock when lil Sbahle was still a lil under a few months.
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She’s now most if the time trending for all bad reasons and she’s seen as disrespectful. There was a video of her recently where she was swearing at an elderly lady. She since apologized for it.

Congratulations on her wins.Girls with mercs.
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