Dstv awards: Ntando Duma wore an emotion-killing dress yesterday

Ntando Duma wore an emotion-killing dress yesterday

South Africans are still in disbelief following the dress that Duma Ntando wore at the Dstv awards. She is a South African award-winning actress, dancer, model, television presenter, and entrepreneur. She gained more popularity following the role of Zinzi on Rhythm City. This is a South African television soap opera that used to be aired on ETV. It was cut off from being on air a year ago. She used to portray the character of a calm and humble young woman who was abandoned by her mother.
She also acted on The Queen alongside the talented actress Connie Ferguson but her character was killed a year ago. She is one of the young and vibrant celebrities that are said to be talented in the country. She is one of the celebrities who had children at a young age. It is not easy to raise a child at a young age but she continues to make it so simple to others. She is such a supportive mother towards her daughter Sbahle. The twenty six years old left tounges wagging yesterday at the awards because of her outfit.

It is one of the outfits that are not usual . She wore a long transparent designer dress that left people wondering if she was dressed to kill or if she was not dressed at all. This is because her dress was too revealing to an extent that it looked like she was not dressed at all. It has left people questioning the works of fashion in the country. Well, times are changing and the way people used to dress years ago will not be the same as the recent time.

Some people say that what she wore was really inappropriate however others say it showed that she had confidence. They say her dress really reflected on the kind of woman she is. Some have been calling her names and telling her how she should have dressed. Well, all people are allowed to choose what they want and people need to refrain from being too judgemental towards others. What you like will certainly not be what another person likes. If this is what she wanted, people should just let her be. What is your take on this matter? Share your views on the comment section and follow for more news.

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