Ntando Duma’s baby girl, Sbahle gives us lessons for 2021

Ntando Duma’s baby girl, Sbahle gives us lessons for 2021

Sbahle Lisakhanya Mzizi

Actress Ntando Duma and Junior de Rocka’s daughter may be a star child who was making waves even before she could talk and 2020 was no different!

Even though she’s just three years old, Sbahle has had fans stanning over her pearls of wisdom.
Sbahle Lisakhanya Mzizi
From learning to like yourself to daily affirmations, the small teacher is simply too cute to not love.

Here are three lessons from darling little Sbahle

How to do maths

Maths isn’t easy for everybody but never fear, Sbahle was here to place our maths skills to shame!

During the start of lockdown blues, the star child maintained together with her schoolwork and learning despite being reception .

In an Instagram lesson with mama Ntando, she added numbers love it was nobody’s business and therefore the cuteness was just too real.

We can see it within the future: Dr Sbahle Mzizi, PhD in mathematics and killing it!

How to read

One of the basics that tiny ones need to learn is certainly the way to read. And it looks like Sbahle is already a natural!

In a video posted to Instagram, the mommy and daughter duo were seen reading a book together. Little Sbahle read the numbers within the book and counted to twenty making her mom ever proud.
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Ntando said that she had been reading to Sbahle since she was within the womb.

She also had some #facts for fans to copy her parenting lessons. The star believes that learning starts within the womb.

“Babies who were read to as newborns have a bigger vocabulary, also as more advanced mathematical skills, than other children their age. it’s never too early to start out reading for your baby,” wrote Ntando.

How to love yourself

Though our little Sbahle has proven to be a well-versed academic, the star also has life lessons to share with fans despite just three years of experience.

Taking to the web with a video to decorate up them lockdown days, Sbahle and mommy have some wise words for those that are feeling blue.

Sbahle and Ntando start their day with this self-motivational short poem.

“I am smart, i’m beautiful; i’m the sunshine , i’m leadership,” said Sbahle.

The adorable video of the duo went viral for the three-year-old’s insight and absolute cuteness!