Ntando Kunene prepares the children for the study

Ntando Kunene prepares the children for the study

On your marks, get set, and ready, it is time to hit the books, kids! The festive season is over now and it’s back to reality.

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The year 2020 saw many children starting online schools thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and this year parents hope for the simplest. because the 2021 school year has begun, the back-to-school fever has hit Mzansi. a number of our favorite Zalebs are ushering their bundles of joy to their classrooms from Monday since the doors of learning open and it’s been a gorgeous sight to ascertain.

It is no secret that seeing your child starting school is every parent’s dream who is raising a bundle of joy and it puts a smile on your face and causes you to proud, even more, once they don’t cry on their first day at college.

Former Miss SA Ntandoyenkosi Kunene took to her Instagram account and posted an image of her child on his first day at college. the sweetness queen said she cannot believe that her son is all grown up now.

Ntando said her bundle of joy was pretty excited to start out school and she or he is happy that he didn’t cry because that might have broken her heart a touch. “I cannot believe that we are here now ?. I need to say; he was pretty excited to go away home but I could see the confusion once we dropped him off ?. I’m happy he didn’t cry; that might have broken my heart a touch .”

Another celeb who was happy that her kid is starting Grade 1 is Anele Mdoda. The media personality took to social media and said Alakhe has officially joined the #BundleofJoyClub. Blake looked really excited to begin his first day at college.

2020 saw many celebs including Khanyi Mbau and Uyanda Mbuli calling for the 2020 school year to be canceled because the country was experiencing a surge in the number of COVID-19 infections. This follows after the Department of Education made an announcement that some grades would be opening

A petition was started with many saying their children cannot afford to return to a stressful environment that risks their health and that they won’t deal with the quantity of labor they were expected to catch abreast of. the 2 media personalities supported the decision and signed the petition, thus encouraging others to try to do so.

Even Veteran actress Flo Masebe said she was thinking twice about sending her child back to high school considering that she is asthmatic.