Ntate Kganyago will Break Up With Jacobeth because of Lizzy

Ntate Kganyago will Break Up With Jacobeth because of Lizzy


The most horrendously awful thing that might have happened to Leeto happened simply before his home. John is dubious of Mr. Campbell since he feels that there should be some kind of problem with him. Ramolao doesn’t joke around about getting a new line of work for Koloi, yet Koloi isn’t having it.


All things considered, Ruler of the Flies cause himself and Leeto problems by visiting exorbitantly at some unacceptable time. The system for Jacobeth’s abdication is at last pushing ahead, and her letter of renunciation will before long be submitted. Individuals from the Turf people group get together to put an end to a creating project.

The danger that is suggested in the Mythical beast’s proclamation to Leeto is clear. Elizabeth has a few reactions to furnish with connection to Ntate Kganyago, and he is unsettled about this. Koloi disagrees with Shivambu’s idea and hence ends up associating straightforwardly with him.

The genuine Ntate Kganyago has at last been uncovered, and he has different characters. After Leeto’s bombed endeavor to arrange an arrangement with Mythical beast, the last option smacked him across the face. Koloi prevails with regard to staying away from a showdown with his dad.

Elizabeth is shocked by the unforeseen movements that have occurred throughout Jacobeth’s life since things are done working in a very way that she is acclimated to seeing them. Individuals from the Turf people group are profoundly annoyed about the Maputlas’ new undertaking, and they are challenging it in a passionate way. Concerning Miss Capricorn’s rivalry, Koloi’s idea has been acknowledged for thought.

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