Nthabiseng’ s baby daddy gets blamed for what she did, here is why

very sensitive and heartbreaking video of a woman called Nthabiseng was shared on social media this happened after Nthabiseng Nhlapo recorded herself kicking her child and assaulting him then send the video of herself assaulting the child to the baby daddy. But the video ended up trending on social media.

After people saw what Nthabiseng did to the child. People had a lot of questions like what could have triggered this behavior. Then someone posted a picture that got people talking. Below is what shared:


After seeing these pictures, people started judging the baby daddy. Saying he could be the reason why Nthabiseng assaulted her child, someone even commented saying This guy doesn’t look like he is ready to be a parent.

Then another one commented saying This guy doesn’t look like he’s capable of being a disciplined parent.

To be honest no one knows why Nthabiseng assaulted her child like that. Right now the only thing that the family of Nthabiseng has to do is make sure they get her all the help she needs. And not only for her but for the sake of her baby as well.

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