Nthati Moshesh is scared of the very gun she uses to kill people with

Nthati Moshesh is scared of the very gun she uses to kill people with

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Nthati took to Instagram to pen how she has been struggling when it comes to acting scenes. She said, “I love acting with every fibre of my being. I truly struggle when I get a role that requires that I use a gun. For this role of Mary Ndlovu, I had to go for extensive training at a shooting range just downstairs to our set.

“My instructor understood my fear my phobia, my concern about how uncomfortable I was. I’m a pacifist so this is a real battle for me. A lot of female roles on our SA screens are gun-toting badasses who pull the trigger without provocation. I’m really struggling with this narrative as ì don’t know (if any of these women). This country is so violent and guns are a MASSIVE challenge.”

This came as a shock to a lot of people as this does not show in her scenes with guns. In fact, she handles those guns just like a pro that we almost do not like how great and powerful she portrays Mary Thwala.

People flocked to her comments section and told her that she does a great job at it.

Her onscreen son @bohangmoeko said, “You pull it off SO well though”

@brenda530725 said, “You are so good at what you do that you wouldn’t believe that you struggle with gun scenes, you nail it”

@nompilogwala said, “I love you for this truth!”

@aybee_archibald said, “Watching Isono, I couldn’t have imagined the battle you have with handling guns. And to have to publicly admit this is admirable. Keep shine Mama Mary”

@feminist_rogue said, “Wow! This is so incredible to read. The glorification of guns in a society where they so much daily damage is scary. The commitment to your genius and craft sometimes asks for more than we can imagine when we witness and marvel at your work. Thank you so much for all of it.”

Nthati spoke to ZAlebs ahead of the premiere of the show and she shared details on her character Mary.

“The drama will showcase the daily trial and tribulations that the public goes through, it will focus on issues like drug abuse and GBV. It brings to audiences the suspense and intrigue of the dual, the things we reveal about ourselves and the things that make people wonder: “what are you hiding?” she said

Speaking about her growth in the industry she says it has been amazing and seeing women winning makes her happy.

“It is great to see women in leading roles, women are the biggest viewers of television and biggest consumers of television. It’s great to see the narrative change to women-led roles.

Nthati said she is connecting well with the amazing young and talented cast on set, “working with young talent like Didi and Bohang onset has been amazing I am seeing a younger me in Didi”

Isono has some of Mzansi big names such as Natasha Thahane who plays the role of Millicent, Fezile Makhanya who plays the role of a politician dating a mother a daughter, Bohang Moeko who plays Mother Mary’s son, Gabriel, Senzo Radebe, Didintle Khunou, Tokollo ‘TK’ Sebothoma, and Anga Makubalo amongst others.