Ntombi Mzolo lays to rest her 3-year-old daughter

Ntombi Mzolo lays to rest her 3-year-old daughter

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Singer Ntombi Mzolo (Ntombi Mzolo) finally bid farewell to his 3-year-old daughter Linile, who died earlier this week, with her relatives and friends, Linile died in a car accident on Tuesday.

Ntombi thanked God for her daughter and helped her up when she said goodbye to the child. “God has always been good, and God has always been good,” Ntobi began her speech.

“Linile healed my heart, she blessed our soul, she is the light of the family, especially after we lost dunamis. She is so energetic.


“I want to thank God because when God blesses us with Linile, he knows what we need. I thank God that on the day she died, I was allowed to spend the whole day with her.

I thank God that I was there because That made me accept and realize that there is nothing I can do…it’s time.”

Ntombi said in Linile’s last day on earth, they are inseparable, Linile is full of joy and constantly confessing to her Love for mom.

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“She told me she loves me, I know…I know it’s time,” she said, adding thank God Linile was waiting for her father to arrive on the scene before she was declared dead.

Her elder sister Nomvelo also expressed her heartbreak, and her little sister taught her many things, almost as if she was a big sister.

“Lini has always been by my side… She knows me best, even though she has only been here for a short time.

She knows everything about me, as a parent, better than my cousins ​​and better than my friends. She Play with me every day, she will let me play with her dolls, I will say “no”, she will force me, I will eventually leave.

“She is a lovely child, She would take me up when I was down, and she would make me smile when I was sad. When I cry, she makes me laugh, Lini makes me laugh so happy, I don’t even know what I’m crying…” she said.

In 2015, Ntombi lost her son Dunamis Sizwe Jr. Asande. She suffers from a rare heart disease called left heart hypoplasia syndrome.

Nomvelo said that she believed Linile was an angel and she was sent to her family to help them cope with the death of her late brother. She collapsed, Trying to explain that she thought it was unfair to lose a brother and a sister.