Ntsiki Mazwai accuses Nomzamo Mbatha of stealing her Man from her.


Ntsiki Mazwai accuses Nomzamo Mbatha of stealing her man from her.

Ntsiki Mazwai accuses Nomzamo Mbatha of stealing her Man from her.

It’s true what they assert , “the internet never forgets”. Remember how Comedy Central’s Roast of Somizi devolved into “The Roast of Ntsiki,” who was one among the panellists? The video clip of Mbatha bashing Ntsiki Mazwai emerged again on social media. the previous “Isibaya” actress are often heard within the video slamming Ntski’s career and questioning her personal hygiene, labelling her “dirty wife .

Although it had been all good fun within the name of the roast, Mazwai insists the roast was too personal. Mazwai, who is understood for not mincing her words, took to Twitter on her morning walk on Tuesday, spilling the tea on Mbatha. needless to say , all hell broke loose. The poet revealed all behind Mbatha’s “attack” on her during the roast. You wanted the important story behind the roast. I do have a scoop that I didn’t mention on the roast. This stays between us,” said Mazwai.

Nomzamo Mbatha

Mazwai alluded to Mbatha being a puppet of her manager Pumza Nohashe. Nomzamo’s manager is my former manager and it didn’t endways a polite note. In my opinion, she’s very evil and wishes psychological help.

“She was also Minnie Dlamini’s former manager, remember Minnie ran for her life. Remember when Minnie Dlamini was trying to putting thereon whole African image, you’ll tell that my former manager was trying to make another me with Minnie.She added: “I think we are during a situation where this psychopath is playing puppet master and made Nomzamo fight her battle for her.

“This is that the situation where there’s an evil author the scenes, Nomzamo Mbatha was just a touch girl who got trapped within the web and beef between people then she was used. Mazwai said she didn’t understand why Mbatha was attacking her such a lot because they don’t didn’t know each, stating that she never met her before the show. She added that the actress was been “shady and weird” even before the show started.

“She couldn’t greet and I just thought ‘this is so weird, I wonder whats’s up,” said Mazwai.

Mazwai says she then figured it out. I don’t know you from a bar of soap, so I don’t know where that anger and hatred was coming from. I can only assume that she herself was going through a bad time.

“I think the roast happened during her break up (with Maps), and she was very hurt and she needed to project that hurt to somebody else. Mazwai continued to explain that before the show all the female panellist were in one changing room.

She says on the day she had brought her “cute boyfriend,” so when it was time for Mbatha to change, she took her stuff and went to the bathroom because her man was in the room. At that moment, the producers called me to do my make-up. Mazwai said she then left the room. When I get to the makeup room, the makeup artist was busy.

Then she decided to return to her man, and she walked into “half naked” Mbatha, who was fetching something from the rails. She was her panties, she just covered her breast. My boyfriend was traumatised and so shocked. I think she was trying to snatch my man but my man is not snatchable. He loves me.”

Going back to the show in question, Mazwai admitted that she was hurt by all the mean things that were said about her. So yes, I was hurt because they were being mean and spiteful and I didn’t expect that. Add everybody ganged up on me.