Ntsiki Mazwai takes a swipe at Chillers and says they are ‘airheads’

Ntsiki Mazwai takes a swipe at Chillers and says they are ‘airheads’

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Ntsiki Mazwai is not a fan of Podcast And Chill and she has made that very clear. The activist and poet are against anything and everything that looks down on women and so she feels the podcast always degrades women. This follows MacG’s remarks on Zodwa Wabantu and Minnie Dlamini, saying they both sell p**sy they just need to own up to it.

“There is no difference between Minnie Dlamini and Zodwa Wabantu, they both sell p*ssy… One owns it, one doesn’t,” he claimed. “That’s where my issue is and if you are selling p*ssy just say yeah and this is how I get my sh*t we won’t judge you. Who are we to judge we are not God, we are all hustling,” claims MacG.

MacG received a lot of backlash from other people including Ntsiki Mazwai who topped the trends list when she dragged Podcast and Chill, and their supporters who are known as ‘Chillers’.

“With all due respect but chillers are bimbos, no depth, no intellectual content…Just loud laughing at stupid things. Chillers are airheads,” she said.

Even Podcast And Chill co-host Sol Phenduka laughed at Ntsiki Mazwai and asked in vernac “are you not scared?”

She then posed a question, “What do we call men who find entertainment in trash talking women?”

Ntsiki was on Podcast And Chill a few years ago but had MacG exposed his true self back then, she probably would have never accepted the invitation. “That was shot years ago before he exposed what a trash guy he is…And yes I regret taking the interview. I hated it and was bored.”

Ntsiki made her feelings clear about the podcast when she was publicly invited to the podcast to speak about the Ari Lennox issue. She was against Ari putting labels on Africans but also slammed MacG.
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MacG said Ntsiki demanded R70 000 to be interviewed on the show and they all laughed at her, including Chillers.
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Ntsiki called MacG a ‘crap human being, “Ari Lennox calling us peasants does not take away from the fact that MacG violated her and abused his power….. MacG is still a crap human being for how he treats women.”

MacG received a lot of flack from people but Charlamagne said he could use this as a learning curve to better himself, “You know I love watching young media personalities attempt to figure it out and one thing I won’t do is judge MacG because I — at one point — was a MacG. I was one of those young boys like that so I would rather counsel the man instead of cancel him. This is a teachable moment for young media personalities.

“I didn’t hear the whole context of the conversation I just heard that part so I don’t know how they got to that question but let me be the first to tell you, it’s not what you say but how you say it. I feel like if it’s based of something an artist said in the song is fair game but the delivery has to be correct.”

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