Nyaniso Dzidze from the film “Durban Jane” managed to get a special role in “Skeem Saam”

Nyaniso Dzidze from the film “Durban Jane” managed to get a special role in “Skeem Saam”

Former ‘Generations: The legacy’ and ‘Durban Gen’ actor Nyaniso Dzedze has secured the role of Nkosi in ‘Skeem Saam’.

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Talented actor Nyaniso Dzedze, who is famously known for his villainous roles in Durban Gen and Generations: The Legacy has landed the role of Nkosi in Skeem Saam.
Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela confirms that actor Nyaniso Dzedze has joined Skeem Saam as Nkosi in the educational soapie.
“Nyaniso Dzedze joins Skeem Saam. Dzedze enters the SABC1 soapie’s universe as Nkosi, who owns a well-established security company. He is the perfect definition of “a friend in need is a friend indeed” when he quickly comes to Lehasa’s rescue in his time of need.” said Mphela.
The entertainment commentator adds that the actor will make his debut on the SABC1 soapie on Monday, 12 February.


The Skeem Saam actor took to his Instagram account in 2022 to discuss his Durban Gen character Dr Dhlomo.
His character, who was abusive towards his wife, Sne (played by former Uzalo actress Nombulello Mhlongo) said playing the character was his real-life experience.

The star also revealed he wanted to quit the role and called his agent crying as his father abused his mother growing up.

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“I read the scenes and I realised that this was pretty much a reflection of what my mother went through with my dad. My dad was the Dr Dhlomo of my mom’s life,” said Dzedze.”

“It was so difficult for me to face that part of my hurt, part of my own story that I hadn’t really told to myself.”

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