Okmalumkoolkat reveals his father passed away

Okmalumkoolkat reveals his father passed away

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Rapper Okmalumkoolkat is currently mourning the loss of his father who he has admitted, never played an active role in his life. To best mourn his father, the rapper has decided that he will not be attending any gigs and will also not attend any parties.

Taking to Instagram to reveal the sad news, Okmalumkoolkat said he felt some type of way because he had just released his album, ‘Ushukela eTiyeni,’ three weeks ago.

“Lost my biological dad last week Friday, the album dropped three Fridays ago. The beginning and end. It seems my luck goes hand in hand with bad luck. The Yin and Yang,” he announced.

He then went on to say although his father was never around, he had found it in his heart to forgive him. Even though he forgot about him, he cannot seem to cry for him.

“Father wasn’t around so it’s a weird time, I’ve moved on and forgiven him but tears aren’t manufacturing the way they are supposed to. I’m saying all of this to say, this week I will be quiet, and no, I’m not taking shows or party invitations till next week,” he announced.

It is indeed a bittersweet time for the rapper. As he said, he had released his album weeks ago and had the chance to promote it on radio and in TV interviews. He then had gigs left right and centre but then he got hit by a family member’s death.

Weeks before that he was mourning the death of his very good friend DJ Dimplez. “I personally learned a lot about how to see your vision through, from watching him and his team pull off those events and how they sold and marketed the brand, and got other brands involved was genius as well.

“I have definitely come to realize that the industry we are in, which is one that we have created in South Africa, is always quick to move on onto the new, and we don’t pay enough respect to people that literally gave their lives to the game. We don’t honour them enough, while they are still alive. We write heartfelt RIP posts like these because there are no platforms where people are celebrated.”

At his memorial, Dimplez’s friends spoke about how they found out about his death and the moment they switched off the machines.
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Dimplez was brain dead after suffering a sudden brain hemorrhage. DJ Milkshake and Speedsta said a few words. “There’s a lot to be said about Tumi, he became a brother to me…A lot has been said, but to illustrate how strong-willed and how selfless he was, last week Sunday when we got to hear of his passing there were about six or seven of us outside the hospital.”

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