‘One day she’ll come home’: Dumisani defends Doja Cat

‘One day she’ll come home’: Dumisani defends Doja Cat

Dumisani Dlamini has shared his belief that his daughter, US singer Doja Cat will ‘come home’ to South Africa…

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A clip of Dumisani Dlamini talking about his daughter Doja Cat has re-emerged amid her latest rant, in which she calls him a “deadbeat dad.”

The US singer was born in 1995 to the South African actor and muso and his then-partner, Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer.

Dumisani – who also fathered a son, Doja’s brother Raman Dalithando – left the US to return home. Doja has yet to visit South Africa. It’s unclear if she has ever met Dumisani.


On social media, Doja Cat and Dumisani Dlamini became trending topics because of her choice of words regarding her South African father.

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One tweep reposted a clip of Dumisani talking about his daughter in an old interview on Mzansi Magic.

Speaking of his Grammy-winning child, he said: “She’s my daughter. It just blew up now as if there is something wrong. People are changing stories.”

He added, “We don’t want to dwell [on the past]. One day, she will come home, and everyone will see her.”

Dumisani insisted he was proud of Doja “even before she became a superstar”.

Speaking to Tshisalive, Dumisani claimed that he planned to bring his US family back to South Africa – a move that never materialized.

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Dumisani has yet to address Doja Cat’s latest rant


On Monday, 27 May, Doja Cat launched a foul-mouth social media rant aimed at her father, Dumisani Dlamini.

In it, she called him out for “abandoning” his family and being a “b*tch”.

One follower – likely a South African – was not impressed with Doja’s words, commenting: “You are messing with the wrong one. Zulus don’t play…your ancestors will humble you”. Doja Cat clapped back: “Go give the deadbeat a kiss on the lips for me.”

She added: “[Dumisani] gave me a lazy eye and dipped.”

Under a post on Dumisani’s Instagram account, Doja Cat commented: “F**k you”.

In a 2019 interview with Leah Henry and DJ Quicksilva, Doja opened up about not knowing her father.

She said: “I have never [met him], and he’s on Instagram. And he comments on my pictures sometimes. He’s an incredible dancer and great actor, but yeah, I don’t know him very well”.


Meanwhile, several South Africans are calling out Doja Cat for disrespecting not only her father but also her African roots.

@theHirohito: “Can we all agree that in African culture, swearing at your parents publicly is an equivalent to cursing yourself, like Doja Cat is doing there on IG?

@Priddyzaddy: “She’s playing with fire this one.”

@__ThapeloM: “She’ll regret what she’s doing.”

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