One day someone needs to explain why the family said Nelli didn’t commit suicide


One day someone needs to explain why the family said Nelli didn’t commit suicide”

Activist Ntsiki Mazwai claims to be deeply disturbed by the new celebrity couple AKA and Nadia Nakai. She says it did not even take AKA 6 months to move on and find someone else.
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After months of speculations, AKA and Nadia Nakai have finally made their relationship Instagram official, by sealing it with a kiss. The pair who posted GIFs on their own Instagram accounts, created a social media buzz when they officiated their relationship, but of course there were numerous nasty comments.

One of them comes from Ntsiki Mazwai who called their relationship disturbing because Anele Tembe, lost her life months back. She was engaged to AKA but their engagement sadly ended because she allegedly committed suicide.

Ntsiki tweeted a series of tweets, some have been deleted where she called AKA out on moving on “so fast.”

One of the tweets are, “At the funeral, Nelli’s siblings had to walk BEHIND the Forbes family. Barely six months had passed and how quickly their little sister was replaced…After they couldn’t walk beside her coffin. This is so deeply disturbing for me.”

Ntsiki then reflected at how Nellie’s family members had to walk behind the Forbes family at the service, despite them being close family. She said she found that very wrong because she too has siblings. She said “Ego was placed over genuine love.”

Here are some of her tweets.

Ntsiki then said one day, the Tembe family will come forth and explain why her father, Moses Tembe, denied any news of suicide and said his daughter is not suicidal.

In his eulogy titled, “The reflections of a heartbroken father and a farewell to a beloved daughter,” he revealed that Nellie was never at any point in her life suicidal.

“I was neither there when Anele met her fate last Sunday. I neither seek to attack any person, nor cast aspersions, nor create suspicions nor stigmatise any mental condition, however, I cannot allow an unfortunate narrative go unchallenged. A narrative which is maliciously purveyed in some circles that Anele, my daughter, was chronically suicidal or had suicidal tendencies.”

But on the other hand, AKA maintained that on several occasions, he found Anele at the brink if allegedly committing suicide.

In his interview with Thembekile Mrototo, AKA said he treated Nellie with the utmost love and respect. “…But I know that what I am not is an abuser. I am not someone who would abuse Anele, I treated her like gold. She was my everything and still remains my everything. I would wake up every single day thinking how happy could I make this person.

When she says “you don’t know what he’s doing to me,” I cannot speak to that. Because she’s not here. I can only wonder what she was talking about But what I do know is that I loved her and I did everything I could to take care of her.”

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