onelegchallenge: Simz Ngema is the best dancer in the challenge


onelegchallenge: Simz Ngema is the best dancer in the challenge

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Actress Simz Ngema stunned Mzansi with her rendition of the famous one legge challenge. She posted the video on her TikTok account, and fans loved it. She was wearing a turquoise tracksuit cropped on top of her body. Her waist is snatched, and her stomach is flat. Simphiwe is one of the Mzansi celebrities who got their bodies back after birth.

Many Mzansi stars are partaking in the One Legge Challenge. We’ve seen the youngest cast members of Generations The Legacy doing it. We saw the radio presenter Bujy Bikwa doing it with a Miss South Africa finalist. There are a lot of stars, and mentioning them all one by one would take an hour.

Mzansi reacts to her video.

Mzansi was thrilled with the energy and enthusiasm. She also looked humorous as she was dancing. Mzansi appreciates originality, and she looked like she was purely in her element.


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Not too long ago, her baby daddy Tino Chinyani trended for all the wrong reasons, and Mzansi pitied Simphiwe. Tino posed with a model in what looked like a wedding shoot. Mzansi speculated he married the lady, and he fueled the rumors. Fortunately, the model he was posing with came out and said they didn’t get married.

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Simz Ngema. Image: Instagram/Simz Ngema
Mzansi was so disappointed in Tino for such a stunt. Celebrities pulling extreme stunts for clout is nothing new, but some things are just pushing it. By looking at everything that transpired, Simphiwe has a supportive fan base. People supported her when she started her career in acting. Mzansi supported her when her late husband passed on. People also supported her when they thought Tino was getting married.

Mzansi reacting to her live performance

Also, not too long ago, the actress performed for an audience. She was singing, but her vocals sounded like she was screeching a bit. Mzansi dragged her for that particular performance and advised her to stick to what she knew. Previously she has sung well, especially after losing her ex-husband. She created an album titled Eternal Crush dedicated to him.

source: Simphiwe Ngema Instagram

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