Our Perfect Wedding: Welcome Funny Chef Lebogang Tlokana.


Our Perfect Wedding: Welcome Funny Chef Lebogang Tlokana.

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The Our Perfect Wedding is known for giving new and fresh talent an opportunity to shine and that time has come for the professional chef, comedian, actress, and bow present, Lebogang Tlokana. She’s finally premiered on the show after Khanyisa Titus’ exit and the reviews are already in.
Twitter folks took the time to appreciate her debut on the show.

Lebogang aka The Funny Chef started her descent into the entertainment industry with her impressive impersonations that garnered her many fans. Alongside being a wiz in the kitchen, she’s filled to the brim with talent elsewhere. I thought she’d be a nervous wreck tonight with this being her first show, however, she proved ne wrong.

She was such a natural in her new role. She was charismatic and easy going as she spoke to the couple and it felt like she’d been at it for a long time. She definitely won’t have trouble getting used to the environment and meeting new people.

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Mzansi Magic posted about her arrival, writing, “Keeping in line with the tradition of continously refreshing #OurPerfectWedding with versatile presenters, we are proud to announce that Lebogang Tlokana @the_funnychef joins Nomsa “Gommorah Diva” Buthelezi-Shezi this season!”

Social Media Response
People found Lebogang to be very personable and funny. One user wrote, “@Thefunnychef you are the best what a beautiful episode #OurPerfectWedding”
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Another simply wrote, ” Funny Chef 😍😍😍😊😊 #OurPerfectWedding”

While a final user wrote, “It’s Funny Chef’s giggles 🤭 for me when makoti describes her “kuku” 🎂 #OurPerfectWedding”

Personal Thoughts
It seems like this is a role that Lebo will fit into seamlessly when the reviews are already this positive about her. I loved her style of presenting, she is relaxed which relaxed the guests and gave us more to work with. I think she can only grow further and further in this role and I sincerely hope she will not be compared and contrasted to past presenters.

Welcome Funny Chef!

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