Our thoughts and prayers are and have been with Amanda Manku.

Our thoughts and prayers are and have been with Amanda Manku.

Our thoughts and prayers are and are with Skeem Saam actress and sports presenter Amanda Manku.

Last week, she announced that she had lost a beloved but didn’t enter further details. This morning, however, she did open up a touch more about her loss. during a tweet, Amanda revealed that she lost both her mother and grandmother at an equivalent time.
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“One thing my mother always told me, is to prevent posting about my problems but immediately , it’s hard. i would like to vent! i would like to understand!” Tweeted the actress.

“How am i able to loose my mother and grandmother at an equivalent time? Who will i’m going to for comfort? For advice?” immediately Amanda doesn’t know who to show to for comfort. “Morena nkarabe,” she added.

One of her followers, @papaolie shared some words of comfort with Amanda. “May you get strength Amanda, this is often difficult no words can cause you to better, and zip is sensible at this point , all we do is pray for you and family”

We cannot begin the comprehend the hurt the actress goes through at the instant . Manku is one among the celebs who joined Skeem Saam very earlier on before it became the hit soapie that it’s today and may be a big fan-favourite.

The current storyline sees the love triangle between Lizzy, Kwaito and Glenda get even more intense. After Kwaito decided that he wants to possess Glenda as his one and only girlfriend. He’s been spending more and longer with Lizzy lately because she’s the maid of honour and Zamo is that the groomsman . For obvious reasons, this hasn’t sat well with Glenda and she’s been acting sort of a jealous girlfriend lately. on the other hand again, who wouldn’t – her partner is spending longer with the ex he broke up with just a couple of weeks ago and everybody knows Lizzy isn’t over Zamo.
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Her mother on the show, Principal Thobakgale, may be a gainst the thought of Lizzy carrying on as Mmapitsi’s maid of honour as she doesn’t believe that she is a true friend to her. She also wants her to completely stop seeing Kwaito as she feels that her daughter can do way better.

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