Our thoughts and prayers are with Anerlisa Muigai

Our thoughts and prayers are with Anerlisa Muigai
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Captioning the video, the businesswoman pointed out that a day like this last year was when her sister Tecra took her last breath.

Anerlisa Muingai. Photo: Instagram
She asked her Instagram followers to help her show some love to her sister after hers as she continued to rest in peace. She also noted how much she misses Tecra.

“Last year on a day like today, my sister took one last breath from her. Please, let’s send Tecra some good energy by commenting with any of these emojis ❤ ? ? ?? ? . May my dear sister continue to rest in peace. I miss you so much ? ❤ ? ❤ “Wrote the head of Nero’s water company.

The anniversary celebration comes after her sister Tecra died of head injuries, according to reports.

According to government pathologist Johansen Oduor, Tecra had multiple head injuries, all of which could not have been caused by a fall down a flight of stairs, adding that the injuries were likely not caused by a single impact.

“This observation indicates a blunt force injury and a possible fall,” Dr. Oduor said in his report.
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Another report from consultant pathologist Andrew Gachii made similar observations.

Tecra allegedly fell from a height. however, it is unlikely that her numerous head injuries … were caused by a single impact. there are multiple impact sites, as well as deep injuries, suggesting both blunt force injuries and a possible fall.”

Anerlisa Muigai and Omar Lali. Instagram photo

One of the witnesses presented to testify against Lali is Tecra’s housekeeper, who claimed that the Coast fisherman was violent and used his money to entertain his family and friends.

The case against Omar continues with several witnesses, including relatives of Tecra, testifying against him.