Palesa Chubisi does a great job at Lesedi FM

Palesa Chubisi does a great job at Lesedi FM

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Palesa Chubisi has been going through a lot in the past months were she was fired by the public broadcaster and she then took them to court and won that case, and she was having health problems during the beginning of the year where she was off the air for a long time where many people started to be worried about her.

But now she has returned to her old job where she has settled well after a long time since she was on the television where she was taking her career to next level, she also did a good job by covering the local election campaigns where she invited different parties to debate on her show.

Chub is talent is something that many people will never forget in the years to come because of the qualities that she has, where she has shown true journalism to her listeners because she was not taking any side to those that she interviews every day and that’s what many people likes her.
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They are many challenges that journalists are facing in this country where they have been threatened by politicians and high-ranked people, who are afraid to be exposed because of the criminal activities that they are doing in this country which has left many people crying.

Some of these journalists have rejected the stories that they were following because of this threat that they get, but this Free State-born journalist has been brave all this time as she keeps on dealing with those who steal from the poor where they are using government money to enrich themselves.
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Lesedi FM is one of the stations that has been working hard to give their listeners the news that they need, the awards that they have won is proof that these presenters are working hard every day to make sure that they make their listeners happy by offering them the news that they need.