Papa Penny – His phone hacked, family & friends robbed of money


Papa Penny – His phone hacked, family & friends robbed of money

Papa Penny Penny in big trouble – His phone hacked, family & friends robbed of money! Musician and TV reality star Papa Penny Penny was left fuming this week when con men managed to “rob” the star’s friends by pretending to be him.

In a now-deleted video on his Instagram, Papa Penny warned about “stupid criminals” who had robbed him and those close to him.

“They hacked my phone. They have robbed a lot of my friends. They WhatsApped my friends and told them that I am arrested … now some of my friends, some of my family, have been robbed.”

He said the hackers were asking for R4,000 to R4,500 to bail him out of prison and warned other people to be more vigilant.

Papa Penny said the hackers made a wrong move when they tried to access his bank accounts.

“They will never win. Now I want to warn everyone in SA about this hacking thing, people want money,” he added.

The star fell victim to a cyber-attack in 2018, with hackers sending out a message that he was broke and needed money.

“This is very bad and I wonder how they got hold of my number. People were told to deposit between R5000 and R10 000 as if I was having some cash flow problems,” Papa Penny told The Daily Sun.