Pastor Bishop Makamu shows off his new Mercedes

Pastor Bishop Makamu shows off his new Mercedes

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2021 has come with its own challenges to many people, despite the Coronavirus pandemic that we are all as the world dealing with, people are also going through a lot on personal aspects of their lives, Bishop I Makamu is one of those who went through a lot in this year and he has survived, now he is living his life to the fullest, he is making his haters breathe through the wound.

A few months ago, Makamu was down and he also got suspended when an audio recording emerged where he was having a conversation with a female whom he allegedly asked for sexual favors, the matter was blown to an extent that he was even suspended from his Moja Love show Rea Tsotella which is aired on DStv channel 157, Monday and Wednesday at 21:30.

Apart from being suspended, he was also arrested and spent a couple of hours behind bars before he was released on bail and he recently returned to his show and his fans and followers are excited for his return, he is now back on Rea Tsotella.

Despite having gone through all those challenges, Makamu has decided to spoil himself and forget about the challenges he has been through, he bought himself some wheels and he has somehow dedicated it to ‘numbering’ his haters.

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Makamu took to this Facebook page to show off a picture of himself receiving the keys of his new car, he even gave the picture a caption which is rather controversial, it seems he is challenging someone and trying to prove a point to someone he calls his haters.

“The easiest way to number your haters just show off your brand new wheel,” he wrote.

For a person of his stature, Makamu should not be posting such things on social media, he can’t be talking about hatters as if he is living his life to prove a point to someone out there who is his hater.