SABC 1 Tonight: Pastor Sambulo weds Zekhethelo on Uzalo.

SABC 1 Tonight: Pastor Sambulo weds Zekhethelo on Uzalo.

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Who is Zekhethelo from uZalo . Her real name is Nyalleng Thibedi a South African actress popular for her role Zekhethelo on Uzalo. The motive was to take acting as a therapeutic hobby. It however rubs off on her and she becomes the superstar we all know and love.
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She plays the character of Zekhethelo, who is the daughter/stepdaughter of a resident baddie and thug Nkunzi Mhlongo.

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Zekhethelo plays the character of someone who is in her 20s and on a self a discovery journey. She’s also dated younger men on the show like Njeza.

Most fans are always shocked to discover that the actress is actually 40 years old.

She was born on the 4th of September 1980.

Nyalleng might be 40 years old, but she really does look like someone in her 20s.
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She has such good genes which would put many women half her age to shame.

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Nyalleng is not only just a pretty face, but she also has the brains to go with it.dont miss out Zekhethelo’s eye catching images with her pastor bae Sambulo from Uzalo Telenovela .

Zekhethelo has found love when nobody knew she will find some find some love when she has lost hope .Mam Madlala bath mouthes Zekhethelo to Pastor Sambulo about Zekhethelos past but Sambulo stood up for her lover. Finally he weds Zekhethelo. and donot miss out watch uzalo on sabc1 and follow their facebook page.