Pax is pushed into a corner and has to confess.

Pax is pushed into a corner and has to confess.

Since discovering that his dad might be undermining his mom, Paxton has treated his dad with scorn. There was a correspondence breakdown, and his mom was uninformed. After breakfast, Ivy attempted to convince Mr. Kgomo that he ought not be so unforgiving with Paxton, however Mr. Kgomo was unaffected.

However youthful, Ivy encouraged Obed to pay attention to Paxton’s feelings in any case. Obed communicated his disappointment at Paxton’s developing dismissal for power to Ivy. It was uncovered by Obed to Ivy that their child is a liar.

Obed decided to give everything away to Ivy about Paxton taking Mosebjadi’s brief tale. At the point when Ivy didn’t completely accept that it, she asked of Paxton. Paxton felt taken distracted by the inquiry, so he put on an act. His mum got him in the demonstration. After Paxton came clean with his mom, he made sense of that he wasn’t the one in particular who had been lying. The second he endeavored to illuminate her mom about his dad’s activities, his dad strolled in.

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