Pearl Thusi cancelled for supporting his homophobic video

Pearl Thusi canceled for supporting his homophobic video

Pearl Thusi

It is safe to say that Black Twitter does not like Pearl Thusi and it has been proven many times why that statement is made. The Queen Sono actress cannot seem to catch a break in these Twitter streets and it is all thanks to her haters.

Twitter is a mess right now but if you were wondering why Queen Sono is trending, well it is because she showed some support to disgraced Podcaster and DJ MacG.

In his latest episode, MacG offended the LGBTQI community with his “shemale” comment. The episode featured the podcaster, Sol Phenduka, and Ghost Lady and together talked about the past week’s trending topics including, Somizi’s alleged rocky marriage drama, the SAFTA’s, and Siv Ngesi’s transformation into drag.

What angered many was their deliberate disrespect to the community by joking about transgender people and their body parts. Cringing derogatory words used in the episode such as “shemale”, and “women with d*ck”, have irked many. The uproar leads to his podcast losing out on a big sponsor, Old Mutual.

Many celebrities have shown how livid they were because of the homophobic slurs that were made in the episode. These include Thandiswa Mazwai, Langa Mavuso, Masasa Mbangeni, and Lumko Johnson to name a few.

As an openly gay woman, Thandiswa said, “Dear straight person. Don’t talk about us (queer people) on public platforms without us being present to speak for ourselves. There is a lot you don’t know or understand so it’s best to seek education rather than talk from ignorance. #TransLivesMatter.”

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Langa Mavuso pointed out the dangers of homophobia, “Transphobia and homophobia is violence. the lives of trans people matter. when platforms like MACG’s podcast invalidate their existence with ‘jokes’ & derogatory terms many intolerant people feel comfortable to violate & endanger those lives too. it is dangerous & intolerable.“

Pearl Thusi on the other hand showed her support to MacG by liking tweets that defended him on Twitter. This was pointed out by a tweep who said, “Hi @PearlThusi Is there any specific reason you’re liking and Retweeting tweets defending MacG’s transphobic and homophobic content? As someone who should be aware that she has a large queer audience and followers, I’d just like to know where you stand on this topic?”

The tweep continued by saying, “I’m not surprised by the silence because Pearl Thusi knows exactly what she’s doing and where she stands. But she’ll be at the next Feather Awards in an ugly dress ready to get another award for her allyship.”

Pearl-like certain tweets that say MacG was not wrong in his podcast and some even said MacG was educating people with his jokes. Pearl has not responded to the uproar, but rest assured she will go on a rant to defend herself.