Pearl is shooting season 3 of Behind The Story


Pearl is shooting season 3 of Behind The Story

In the past 5-years, Pearl Thusi has solidified herself as an international superstar who successfully dabbles in acting, radio, television and business.

The beauty who is the host of MTV’s, Behind The Story, recently confirmed that she is in the process of shooting a new season. Take a look at the tweet below:

Behind The Story is one of the realists shows on South African television and we can’t wait for its return. In the previous season, Pearl interviewed her best friend, DJ Zinhle, and the friends got candid about their relationship.

Speaking of how Zinhle changed her life, this is what Pearl said, “You’ve made me a better sister to my sisters, I looked at the way that you loved and treated me…and it inspired me to change my relationship with my sisters…when I’m at my most broken, you’re there to make me laugh and put me back together, when someone is disrespecting me…you’re there to remind me why I deserve it and that only shows how much value you have in yourself, and everything you know you don’t mind sharing, you are this well of beauty and knowledge and this incredible light…”