Pearl Modiadie: Alone is so much better than being unhappy.

Pearl Modiadie: Alone is so much better than being unhappy.

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In a few screenshots shared by The Citizen, the previous Zaziwa presenter confirmed their separation recently, after a couple of months of getting welcomed their bundle of joy together.

Pearl took to her Instagram stories and wrote “Alone is such a lot better than being unhappy.” The sassy presenter revealed that she wasn’t ready to achieve the dream of a family she always dreamt of.

“I wasn’t ready to achieve my dream of getting the family I’ve always longed for. But out of it came my beautiful son and for that, I’m eternally grateful,p” Pearl added.

The former lovebirds welcomed their bundle of joy Olivier in September and Pearl has been giving us glimpses into her parenting journey. Pearl recently opened about how pregnancy has changed her life.

“Life after birth is sort of a huge adjustment!” Shared the Metro FM DJ who revealed how motherhood has affected her both physically and psychologically.

“The baby’s arrival changed tons on behalf of me physically, psychologically, my daily routine changed also as my sleeping patterns in fact & I wouldn’t trade it for love or money .”

Pearl has been keeping her sexual love private and she or he has been giving her fans glimpses of how adorable her baby is. The television star also recently celebrated her 30th birthday

In a tweet, Pearl said she has paid off her father’s house that she purchased back in 2017. In 2017 Pearl took to social media to share a video of her surprising her father with a gorgeous house and fans are congratulating her on this milestone.

Another couple that hogged the headlines after it had been reported that they need headed for splits-ville is Generations The Legacy stars Zoe Mthiyane and Rapulana Seiphemo.

The former lovebird’s on-screen drama seems to be considerably alive in real world as consistent with City Press, Zoe was depressed following their break-up.

The paper recently reported that her alcoholic abuse was so intense that she was even suspended for reporting for duty intoxicated on several occasions. Rapulana was said to be cheating together with his colleague, who is Mfundi Vundla’s granddaughter, and his cheating scandal apparently left Zoe depressed.

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