Pearl Modiadie is proud of the co-parenting relationship between her and Nathaniel


Pearl Modiadie is proud of the co-parenting relationship between her and Nathaniel

Pearl Modiadie and her baby daddy, Nathaniel Oppenheimer, are co-parents to their son Olivier Lewatle’s and according to her, they are doing a killer job.

The media personality admitted that not every day is a win for them when it comes to co-parenting, but they get it right most of the time. She then thanked Nathaniel for being the best dad to Lewatle.

Sharing a clip of Nathaniel dropping off Olivier, she captioned her post, “I reckon we’ve got this co-parenting thing on lockdown, on most days. Thank you for being amazing baby daddy. Lewatle has such a great dad,” she gushed.

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Pearl had mentioned before how she envisioned the perfect family but that sadly did not happen for them but they still kept it solid for their son.

She showed him off when he turned 1 and thanked her village for showing up for her when she needed them most. Olivier gave his parents the best moments of their lives and she is thankful.

“Mom and Dad love you very much! Happy Birthday baby and thank you for giving us the most fulfilling year of our lives.”

When they broke up, Pearl said, “Alone is so much better than being unhappy…I wasn’t able to achieve my dream of having the family I’ve always longed for. But out of it came my beautiful son and for that, I’m eternally grateful,” Pearl added.

But Pearl has zero regrets when it comes to Nathaniel as her baby daddy, “The best choice I’ve made! He’s such an incredible dad.”
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Pearl Modiadie is known for being a media darling with her radio success as well as television. But she has vowed to never return to radio, ever.

This after the alleged sexual harassment incident she experienced at the hands of her former boss. “More than one, reference was made about my body shape and how ‘sexy it is’. Uncomfortable sexual innuendos were thrown around during conversations, even in the presence of my now former colleagues.”

There are a few people who wish to see her return to radio, but she said that chapter is closed. “I do see all of your DMs on the picture that I posted with Thomas. It was so nice to see him after a very long time. But what you guys are saying that ‘we miss you on radio’, it’s so nice to hear that. It’s always nice when people miss you for doing what you do. But that chapter is closed, for now. We could revisit it in the future, but not anytime soon,” she said.

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