Pearl Modiadie’s ex-boyfriend brought up the topic of her ‘hot’ swimsuit photo

Pearl Modiadie’s ex-boyfriend brought up the topic of her ‘hot’ swimsuit photo

Pearl Modiadie never fails to astound her fans, and we love it. Her baby daddy broke up with her and now she’s back in the dating scene.

Pearl announced her arrival in Mjolofontein through Twitter, and we can’t wait to see her new beau. Following her return, many have expressed excitement to see her dating life in the comments section.

She’s loving every minute of parenthood so far. Her baby’s first birthday party was a litty success. Following the birth of their child, Pearl and Nathaniel Oppenheimer separated last year. “Alone is so much better than being sad,” Pearl said on Instagram.

That her long-awaited desire of starting a family never materialized. “I couldn’t have the family I wanted. For that I am eternally thankful,” Pearl added.

Pearl revealed how her pregnancy affected her life after giving birth. “Life after delivery is a huge adjustment!” I would not swap the baby’s arrival for everything.”‘

Pearl filed a lawsuit against her former Metro FM manager two months ago, according to the Sunday World. Former manager made sexual remarks to her many times, she said. “More than once” was her response when asked about the event by Sunday World.

A comment about my body shape and how ‘sexy’ it is was made, she continues. Strange sexual innuendos were tossed about in talks, even in front of my ex-colleagues.

Her ex-boyfriend improperly brought up the topic of her ‘hot’ swimsuit photo on Instagram.

“His last sexual insult was in an email passed on to other workers. I said I was uncomfortable and weary of the sexual harassment. One of the men copied stood up for me on my radio broadcast.

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